Why synthetic wicker is a great choice for outdoor furniture

Blog provided by Wicker Paradise

There are a variety of materials and styles that comprise the outdoor furniture pieces on the market today. Wood and metal are popular choices, but outdoor wicker furniture provides several benefits to any patio or outdoor living area.

Unlike traditional wicker, which is made from plant materials, outdoor wicker furniture is made from synthetic resin fibers that have been weaved into the familiar wicker pattern. This new method allows furniture designers to add weather-resistant properties to their outdoor wicker furniture. The rain, moisture, or the sun’s rays won’t ruin synthetic wicker pieces. In contrast, non-synthetic wicker pieces can be damaged and ruined if you leave them outside for too long.

Synthetic wicker is also a low-maintenance material that you can easily clean and move. Since the resin is moisture-resistant, you can hose your furniture pieces down without damaging it. Also, since it is lightweight, you can lift it and change its placement or put it in storage without much difficulty. Wicker is also a naturally beautiful and elegant furniture construction technique, and the aesthetics of your synthetic wicker furniture will shine through, despite being made of non-traditional materials.

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