What type of foam is best for sofa cushions?

Blog provided by The Foam Factory

Sofa cushions may not last forever, but you can revitalize them and make them last longer by replacing their filling with foam inserts. However, there are several different types of foam with varying densities and it’s important to know which are best suited for sofa cushions.

One notable fact is that memory foam is not the best type of foam for sofas. It works well as a mattress component or mattress topper, but it is too malleable and not dense enough to support the weight of people sitting on a sofa by itself. However, it does work if you add it to denser materials as extra cushioning for comfort.

Medium to thick types of foam are generally better for sofa upholstery. HD36 Foam and Lux Foam are a little firmer and will provide a durable, long-lasting filling for cushions. The softer types of foam such as Super Soft Foam or Poly Foam might be more comfortable to sit on, but they are intended for occasional use and will not last long if you use them regularly. In contrast, high-quality Lux Foam and HD36 Foam may last for more than a decade if you handle them the right way.

If you’re planning to use a sofa outdoors, it’s also worth considering Dryfast Foam for your cushion inserts since it is designed to be resistant to moisture and harmful microorganisms, which makes it ideal for backyards and outdoor patios.

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