The versatility of portable air conditioners

movincool1Article by Quick Home

Currently, most household and industrial cooling solutions involve the use of large split type air conditioners or the much larger central a/c units. However, there is another segment of the market that is growing rapidly: portable a/c units.

With a portable air conditioner, you can cool only the area that needs the cooling says experts. Need some examples? Here are a few cases where a portable a/c can make a difference:

Supplemental cooling

There are scenarios where people or equipment require consistent cooling to perform their tasks. A server room is a good example. When you add additional servers, or there is a sudden increase in thermal load. Another example is a factory floor operating over the weekend when the central a/c is no longer working. In both these examples, one or more portable a/c units would provide the supplemental cooling necessary to continue operations.

Special occasions and events

Another good example of portable a/c use is for parties or events. You can use them to provide extra cooling when you have more guests than your central a/c can handle. Also, you can set up tents outdoors and use them for cooling. You will see portable a/c use for outdoor weddings, concerts, and performances.

New additions

There are also times when we convert attics into rooms or add additional sections to our homes. In some cases, we cannot run ducting to provide cooling to those areas. A portable a/c will cool these areas nicely. The same applies to any area that cannot support window units or split type air conditioners.