9.-How-to-Successfully-Buy-a-BusinessNot enticed by all those amazing Profit Promises
. Does the thought of starting your own business make your stomach turn. Maybe you shouldn’t start your own business!! Did I just say that?!?! You probably thought this was going to be another pitch for an internet money making system, well your wrong. What I am talking about today is much different from learning all the start up methods and listening to all the pitches trying to sell you the next big thing in internet marketing. Not everyone is cut out for the internet, not everyone wants to sell other peoples products, or make their own informational products. Instead of developing your own products, hitting the streets, meeting and greeting to start a business, why not have someone start it for you.

The reason many start-ups fail is the founder lacks the patience and persistence to get past the crappy stage of starting up. This also happens to be the reason that many would-be entrepreneurs don’t even try to start their venture. The early mornings, late nights, building systems and clients all culminate into one huge migraine and a few ulcers. If only there were a way to avoid the start up phase of a business and hit the ground running with an established client list, providers and systems in place to keep it all running.

What I am talking about is buying a business, yes Buying a Business. Think about it, the start up phase has already happened, and you have someone other than yourself to thank for it. How often do you look at businesses and say they should be doing this and it would double their profit or, if only they thought about that, it would really drive customers wild. What you are actually thinking about is taking a company from good, to great.

Buying a business doesn’t necessarily take millions of dollars, but it does take some research. There are businesses of all sizes making money that need to be sold, and the sellers are looking for you, the perfect person to take it over and continue what they have created.

There are thousands of businesses that are for sale on any given day, the key is to Kiss a lot of Frogs, meaning you will need to look at or inspect many business opportunities before finding one that is right for you. When looking at listings you will know the type of business, the asking price, the gross sales, expenses, how much profit the owner will take home at the end of the year, and why the owner is selling. Yes these are all things that you will know before even considering calling the owner or broker! After finding these questions out you will get proof that the business works and is profitable through the financial statements. Does any start up on the web offer proof backed by the IRS that the system will generate the income they promise. Didn’t think so.

Where do you find businesses that are For Sale?

Newspaper – Classified Ads

These sites let you search by different category and narrow it down by state, you will be amazed to see what businesses are for sale.

Before writing this article I started reviewing these sites daily looking at different opportunities and learning what has been on the market for some time before actually calling and talking to some owners. For me it was a matter of being comfortable. After contacting a few owners about their businesses, I found that they were all rather open to talking about the businesses that they had started. After all, it’s their baby, something they had built from the ground up for years and now they want to pass it on to the right person and see it prosper.

If you think buying a business might better than starting one, you might be right, and I have found an amazing resource that takes you step-by-step through the process of buying a small business. “Buying a Good Business at a Great Price,” by Richard Parker. His course details what to do, what to look for and how to buy a good business and make it a great business. You can find his course at

After seeing a FOR SALE sign on one of my favorite websites, I decided that I could run the business and build onto what was already there, now I needed to learn what to do to buy a business. I searched the net for information on buying a business and came up short. Finally, I came across and saw that they recommended Richard’s course, so I bought it. A month later I was negotiating the purchase of that same small business and now I am reaping the benefits of a network that the prior owner has built. I highly recommend Richards course and services.