Ice Cream Trucks: The Pros and Cons of Wheeling and Dealing

Summary: The ice cream truck business has plenty of opportunities for those that are feeling adventurous. However, there are some downsides to this business as well.

ice-cream-truckThere are numerous advantages and disadvantages of starting an ice cream truck business. This guide is designed to weigh both the pros and the cons so you gain insight on whether this business is right for you.

The Pros

Obviously, the first thing that’s likely to pop into your mind is the low overhead cost. First off, you can take your business on the go and easily travel to where people congregate. Unlike your traditional brick and mortar ice cream business, you aren’t tied down to a specific location.

You’ll also experience low start-up costs. Your business will essentially be operating from a truck so you’ll avoid paying rent, purchasing property, fixing up a building, and caring for all the other overhead costs – which is thousands of dollars.

Managing your on-the-go business won’t require a team of employees, so you’ll be avoiding the whole payroll situation. You could even manage the business by yourself if you’re feeling up to it.

Following up with the low start-up costs, you’ll also be avoiding property taxes, monthly utility bills, interior design renovations, and restroom maintenance. The primary cost lies with the truck itself, the gas, and your frozen goods – depending on how you do business with your Los Angeles wholesale frozen yogurt suppliers.

A major benefit to owning an ice cream truck is the fact that you’ll be able to visit different neighborhoods and events to increase your overall community involvement. This also means that you’ll get a chance to network and serve at other parties and gatherings if you socialize enough.

The Cons

An ice cream truck sounds like a pretty low-risk investment opportunity doesn’t it? Well, like with any business, there are the cons that you need to be aware of.

Ice cream trucks tend to thrive when the weather is sunny and hot. On cold or rainy days, you’re likely to sell minimal products. And, if you’re in the midst of the winter season, expect sales to plummet.

In order to bring in the big bucks, you’ll need to advertise your truck to everyone around you. And, with all the competition surrounding you, it’s not an easy task. If you aren’t already aware, there’s been a boom in the food truck industry. You’re likely to fall behind in the competition if you’re selling generic ice cream without any flair of creativity. Sure, you can take that route if you choose, but don’t expect it to pay the bills when it’s all said and done.


Another con lies with the maintenance of your vehicle. An ice cream truck is bound to run into a variety of problems at some point in time. Repair costs can equate to thousands if something major were to occur. Plus, since your truck is essentially your business headquarters, you’re going to be out of a job until all the repairs have been taken care of. You have to be prepared for any incident.