How We Create the Attitude of Abundance

All we have to do is look around to see that the universe is all about abundance. The planet earth has millions of trees, rivers, lakes and even a great many oceans. The night sky is filled with billions of stars and planets. Just imagine how many different varieties of flowers there are on our planet. There’s no way to count all the animals and insects either. The earth itself was designed to replenish itself each and every moment of every day. And so it seems odd that there is also lack and poverty on our planet. 

Often, we find that families pass on the poverty mentality from one generation to the next. Of course, this also works with wealthy families. They pass on their attitude of wealth and abundance. The most important thing we can do for ourselves and our family is to learn how to change our limiting belief system. We must let go of thoughts about lack and poverty and believe that our lives will be abundantly blessed.

As we think about the human mind, we realize that it may not be as easy as it sounds to simply discard our ideas about wealth, poverty, lack and material possessions. It takes time to change the way we think about any topic especially money. One way to begin in the right direction is simply with daily confessions. Make a list of positive affirmations and say them out loud each day. Be sure to include statements about how you deserve to be blessed, happy and prosperous.

Create Abundance 创造丰盛 is a collection of author Zhang Xinyue’s words of wisdom concerning body-mind-spirit cultivation. The book is written in a very easy-to-understand language, which works to interact with the very soul of the reader. Known for being a great spiritualist leader, Teacher Zhang Xinyue, born and grew up in China. Zhang Xinyue is very well-known internationally as a body-mind-spirit tutor, a spiritual therapist, and the founder of Abundance Psychology