How to Control the Bass Inside Your Recording Studio

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Acoustics can be a bit tricky for someone new to recording. It’s easy to understand that you should eliminate any unwanted echoes and reverberations. Any professional recognizes that you should have the best, clearest sound possible for recordings. However, acoustic problems can’t just be solved by placing sound proofing foam panels on your walls. You may have to take extra measures to make sure your room isn’t being overwhelmed by low-frequency bass sound waves.

Low-frequency sound waves are generally longer and more powerful than other types of sound waves. Because of the shape of smaller rooms, they tend to dominate small room acoustics. You can try to adjust your recording technique, but your recording will still sound different because of the room it is created in. Normal acoustic foam panels are not the best at absorbing bass sound waves, so you might need special acoustic foam to make sure the bass is more balanced.

This is where corner bass absorbers come in. These acoustic foam tools are designed for room corners, where low-frequency waves tend to build up. These bass traps may not eliminate low-frequency waves entirely, but they will absorb the bass energy and dissipate it as heat. This reduces the amplitude of bass waves and creates a better balance between the sounds in the room.

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