Everything You Need To Know About Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Article by Remarkable Smiles

The final teeth that erupt in an adult’s full set of teeth are the wisdom teeth, also referred to as the third molars. These teeth can fail to emerge properly. Dentists call these impacted wisdom teeth when this occurs.

The average adult has 32 teeth. The final of these to erupt are wisdom teeth, sometimes known as third molars. They can be seen in the back of the mouth, at the ends of the upper and lower gums.

What Are Impacted Wisdom Teeth?

Since the human mouth typically cannot accommodate 32 teeth, including the four wisdom teeth, their eruption could result in crowding, infections, earache, and edema.

The average person has four wisdom teeth. A person can have zero to four, and in exceptional circumstances, more than four. Wisdom teeth cannot erupt in a mouth or jaw that is too small or has a large number of teeth.


There are many issues that might result from an impacted wisdom tooth. These consist of:




Do All Wisdom Teeth Need Extraction?

If wisdom teeth are healthy, fully erupted, in the right locations, and can be easily cleaned, dentists frequently leave them alone. However, a lot of dentists and oral surgeons in the US advise getting rid of impacted wisdom teeth as a defense against illnesses including dental decay and gum disease.

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