Cultural taboos to avoid in Abu Dhabi

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Are you planning to travel to Abu Dhabi for business or pleasure? Traveling to other countries is an enriching and rewarding experience, but it also comes with its own set of challenges. Every country generally has its own cultural norms and customs. It’s important to know how a country’s culture works so that you don’t unknowingly do something rude. In Abu Dhabi, the region’s Muslim faith influences many of these customs.

In light of this, the first and most obvious taboo to avoid is dressing provocatively and inappropriately. Be sure to cover most of your body and avoid clothing that is tight or shows a lot of skin. Furthermore, since Muslims don’t drink alcohol, non-Muslims should only drink in private or in designated areas in public. It’s also important to remember not to enter a mosque or touch a Qu’ran if you’re a non-Muslim, although a few mosques are open to the public. During the month of Ramadan, even non-Muslims should watch their behavior. Everyone fasts during Ramadan, so don’t eat or drink in public until nighttime.

There are also some other smaller details to remember. Pointing and showing people the soles of your shoes are both considered rude in the UAE. Emirati culture considers the left hand to be used mainly for unclean purposes. Therefore, you should only shake hands, eat, and gesture with your right hand, even if you are left-handed. On the subject of handshakes, men should only shake hands with women if they offer their hands for a handshake. Lastly, it’s actually against the law for unmarried couples to sleep in the same room, and even married couples should avoid public displays of affection other than hand holding. If you’re looking for a car rental Abu Dhabi, be sure to contact Monte Carlo Rent A Car, LLC. They can set you up with a reliable, high-quality vehicle at the Abu Dhabi airport, so you can cruise in style the moment you arrive in the country.