Construction Claims

lylecharles9Construction delays can cause disputes that often put a construction project at risk. Ensuring that your project includes construction experts that can resolve and mitigate disputes can make a significant difference to the outcome of a project.

If the management of a construction project is looking at proactive claims management, then they should consider hiring experienced experts that specialize in claim management. Experts should follow a detailed review of contract documents, contract schedule, change orders and directives, request for information, and correspondence.

Experts should also look at analyzing the contract and determining any issues that could arise in the future. Experienced consultants will also conduct a pre-project risk assessment that will analyze the construction process to minimize major claims.

When selecting a construction management claims consultant consider consultants with extensive experience in project management, a good understanding of real-world construction projects in multiple industries and a wide knowledge of design/construction processes. Additionally, a good consultant should also pay attention to detail, be professional, be contactable and reliable for the duration of the project. Most experts will have to also assist with the dispute resolution processes, which also includes litigation, arbitration, mediation, dispute review boards, and negotiations, etc. Some consultants will also be able to work as expert witnesses to disrepute charges and place damages on the parties that are actually to blame.

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