Company Team Building Recommendations

Article by Zhang Xinyue of Golden Touch

With so many companies employing remote workforces spending time at a team-building retreat is of paramount importance. It helps people feel like they belong to something bigger than a computer screen. It is needed to keep up the morale of the company to have the employees interact and get to know each other. Some great places to experience this are well-known team-building locations and destinations.

 The Berkshires, Massachusetts is an impressive location tucked into the Appalachian Mountains and is between Connecticut, Vermont, and New York. the area has a rich culture and has one beautiful town after another. This is an easily accessible location for a team-building day or weekend.

Boston, Massachusetts is a historical city that draws many team-building events to their venues and retreats that are highly recommended. One of the biggest attractions and very inspirational are the famed grounds of Harvard University. Many team-building challenges have started here and have been very successful.

 Lake George, New York welcomes team building from all over this is an impressive lake spanning 32 miles. There are two well-known historical forts in Lake George and many retreats and venues for team-building activities that are available all year round.

Golden Touch is an organization offering incredible retreats in stunning locations such as Secret Garden in Kuala Lumpur. Golden Touch founder Zhang Xinyue says that visiting the Secret Garden is inspirational and a unique and beautiful environment for bonding and team building. Zhang Xinyue of Golden Touch has experience in arranging conferences and team building and highly recommends this destination.

 Article provided by Zhang Xinyue of Golden Touch.

Golden Touch is an amazing organization that holds annual meetings helping members learn how to choose to be happy each day. Golden Touch was founded by Dr. Zhang Xinyue, who is a teacher, mentor, spiritual leader, and author. She has authored books that teach others how to control and direct their energy flow. Each year, Golden Touch holds conferences in large cities around the world. Members can come and enjoy the teachings while relaxing in a beautiful locale. These can be great opportunities for networking.