Choosing a data center: Managed services

When you move your workloads to an LA data center, there will be changes in how your team handles issues. Most data centers provide managed services so that organizations can handover the day-to-day management of their deployment to their engineering staff. Data centers like Rack Alley can provide some or all of the following services:

Around the clock server and services monitoring

Several services and applications monitor the current status of servers and apps. However, licensing these cost money and it is one of the services that a data center can offer. Also, you can authorize the data center to take remedial action in the event of downtime. Often, you can easily resolve web server issues with a simple restart.

Hands-on work time

Data centers also allocate hands-on work time for customers. Do you need a physical reboot? Or do you need to connect an external hard drive? The data center admin staff will hand tasks of this nature. Usually, data centers provide about a couple of hours of hands-on time.

Software installation and updates

Data center engineers can also update software and operating systems that are a part of their standard application list. You will need to discuss maintaining unsupported applications. The data center staff will hand any and all issues of their control panel software.

Backup and restoration

You can also request a backup and restore solution. The data center will handle all backups based on your backup schedule. You can request a restore if and when there are any issues with your running systems.