A Guide to Online Reputation Monitoring Tools

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ORM article by pierre zarokianOnline reputation monitoring tools are used to keep track of your online reputation and to spy on your competition. There are several online reputation monitoring tools that are available.

Google News can help you keep track of any media mentions against you or your business. To achieve this, go to Google News and enter the name of your business. You can then change the search results by date published so any current or recent mentions will be listed first. Then you can sign up for the RSS feed so you will get instant notification of new mentions.

What if you don’t want to know every single mention of your company but you want just the important stuff. Using news buzz sites like Reddit and Digg, is great for just this since these sites will let you enter your company name and look for articles that mention the name of your business. You can also subscribe to Reddit’s or Digg’s RSS feed to be notified of new articles that match your business.

Video sharing sites are becoming increasingly popular. These sites include MetaCafe and YouTube. You can now track any video that is released that mentions the name of your business. That way you will know if a video shows up on YouTube of your very-married assistant having dinner while sharing hugs and kisses with the CEO of your company. It doesn’t have to be that damaging either. Even something as simple as a video showing a negative review of your business can hurt your online reputation.


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