A guide to colocation for small business

When you run a small business, you have two options when it comes to technology infrastructure. You can host your own servers in a server room, or you can house those servers in racks at your local data center. According to Rack Alley, here are some of the benefits of colocation for small businesses:

Cost reduction

The economies of scale that come with LA colocation reduce the overall cost of IT infrastructure dramatically. An in-house operation requires staffing, equipment, infrastructure, and expertise that costs money. All of this scale allows for much cheaper bandwidth, power, and other utilities, that translates into lower monthly bills for your organization.

Reduced outages

An in-house operation will not have the kind of redundancy you need to keep your operation running even 99% of the time. When you host your servers at a data center, you can expect much better uptime and almost no outages. The uptime guarantees a data center provides far exceeds what the typical organization will need.


When you move your servers to an off-site data center, you introduce additional flexibility for the company and the workforce. The staff can now access the systems from anywhere, without limitations. The company can relocate, without any concern for downtime.


A data center will have round-the-clock security for the building, the data center, and even for specific areas. Also, some data centers provide additional security for each rack and room. You can get a key-card and keys for each area and individual racks. You will not have this level of security in your own server room.