7 Thinks to look for when hiring a Marketing Manager

bizsitebizA strong Marketing Manager is essential to drive your sales and provide direction to your sale force. Here are some areas to consider when hiring a new Marketing Manager.

Initiative – You want a Marketing Manager who will be able to highlight issues and come up with multiple solutions. When interviewing, ask your applicants how they identify key business and marketing issues and what information they require to make their assessment.

Creativity – A good Marketing Manager should be able to come up with good technologies, platforms, and trends that help to improve the business, generate sales and highlight customer service issues.

Numeracy – Marketing Managers should have a strong understanding of Google Analytics, Omniture, PPC campaigns, email metrics, Eloqua and HubSpot.

Legal grounding – It is vital that a Marketing Manager is aware of privacy laws and other consumer protection rules and regulations for any platform the business wants to use.

Testing – It is important that management is aware of how marketing campaigns affect sales. Therefore, the Marketing Managers should possess the knowledge to test how well the campaign is working.

Social media – Marketing Managers should understand different social media platforms and how they can be used to connect with the business’s customers.

Curiosity – Since consumers are constantly changing, a Marketing Manager should be able to approach new challenges and tools to engage with the business’s target market and grow the business.