7 Simple marketing tips for small businesses

Stock Photo by Sean Locke www.digitalplanetdesign.com

Article by Pierre Zarokian.

Small businesses will want to get the word out about what they do but may find traditional advertising methods too expensive. Here are some tips on how small businesses can market themselves better.

Give gifts – If you’re catering to a niche market and sell unique products, the only way to get people to try what you make, is to give some of it away. Look at attending farmer’s markets and selected events that will showcase your products.

Attend networking events – Look at attending events that you believe vendors or your target market will attend. Making sure you’re seen, is a great way for people to remember you and what you sell.

Create your event – If there are limited events for you to attend, look at organizing an event and invite like-minded people and other vendors to attend.

Volunteer – Volunteer to serve an organization, and you will be the one they always contact.

Start a podcast – Podcasts will help you to make a meaningful connection with other business owners and help tell your story to the general public.

Be helpful – Use your knowledge to help others in related businesses so that you may find potential clients when these small businesses get on their feet.

Send a weekly email – A weekly email will give information about your product and help clients or consumers remember what you are offering.

About the Author:

Pierre Zarokian is a marketing expert and found of iClimber, a social media marketing company. He regularly writes for Search Engine Journal and other publications. You can read more about Pierre Zarokian here.