growth-hackingIt is the dream of any business entrepreneur to be at the helm of their line of business. Being at the top of the chart ahead of your competitors will give you prestige and is a true gauge to measure your success in your business niche. True success does not come on a silver platter. You have to roll up your sleeves and be ready to get your hands dirty. Everywhere there is stiff completion for the limited resources available. Amazon business hub is no exception to that rule. For you to beat all odds and make it to the top list of Amazon private label sellers, you have to employ smart business strategies right from the beginning. Before we jump into the strategies that will qualify any entrepreneur to succeed in the Amazon online business, we have to get a clear meaning of Amazon best seller. This definition will enable you to understand the necessary requirements for you to be listed among the top Amazon private label sellers.

Amazon best seller is a list that shows how a particular product is selling well on Amazon in its category and subcategory of its business niche. Amazon considers factors such as product search volume, number of positive reviews, how many five stars has your product has been awarded by its customers before ranking it. For example you can click here to see the current Amazon best seller list.

Here is how the above mentioned factors affect your product ranking in Amazon market

Amazon does not directly use reviews to rank your product. Amazon uses your product sale – both the recent and the historical ones – to rank your products. Positive reviews come in handy to help boost your sales volume in the Amazon market. The more positive reviews your product receives, the more it will attract many customers to purchase it. On the contrary, when your product receives many negative reviews, many potential customers will shy away from buying it. This will definitely lead to low sales volume and finally poor ranking in Amazon private label sellers list.

The search volume of your product on the Amazon market is a good sign that your product sales may improve soon. This is a good sign that many people are warming up to it and soon they may turn out to be your customers. However, it is important to note that the search volume does not directly contribute to BSR on Amazon. To improve your product visibility in the search engines use well researched keywords.

Similarly, your product’s numerous number of five stars does will not move it to the top list of Amazon private label sellers in its category or subcategory. The five stars will help to market your product fast. Many customers assume that any product with five stars is the best product to go for in the market. This has the positive effect of improving your product sales.

How to become one of the Amazon private label sellers

To clinch the top position in the Amazon private label business is not easy. However, with the following tips, no doubt you will make it easily.

  1.  Keywords Tools

Your product should be described by well researched keywords. To go over this hurdle effectively, you can either use online tools such as Google’s keyword tool and Merchant words to generate keywords for your product or find out which keywords mostly Amazon users use when searching products in your business niche and include them in your product heading and description. The keywords should be dynamic to adapt to customers’ future change of tastes and preferences. Optimizing your keyword usage is advantageous to your product listing on Amazon. When highly listed in the Amazon market you are bound to improve your product sales.

  1. Repricing tools

To win the trust of your customers, your products should have consistent fair prices. Tools such as RepriceExpress will help you set prices for your products easily and faster. This tool will enable you to set the minimum and maximum prices for your products. This is a positive start to overtaking your competitors in your business niche. Performing better than your competitors will improve your sales ranking in Amazon and push you into the list of most respected Amazon private label sellers.

  1. Advertisements

Put up compelling adverts about your products in your business website and other social media platforms and provide referral links to your products on Amazon. The information about your product should be convincing enough so that customers can see the need of using your products. Here is how you should convince your potential customers with advertisements.

  1. Offer your customers discounts that have capped time. Make them aware that discounts will be available within a specific period of time.
  2. Introduce free bonuses to customers who buy a certain amount of quantity of your product at specific periods.
  3. Use video adverts that clearly explains how your product is to be used and other important information about the product on your You Tube channel or on your website.
  1. Social Media Optimization (SMO)

According to research, many online customers conduct research before they take any step of purchasing products from Amazon.They conduct search through google or yahoo search engines or use social media to get information from friends. Provide ample, clear and specific information about your products on social media platforms so that online users can find relevant information and understand your products easily. Utilizing social media maximumly will definitely land you in the list of best performing Amazon private label sellers.

Here are important tips to consider when using social media.

  1. Which social media platforms will best advertise your products.
  2. How social is supposed to shape your product performance on Amazon
  1. Dedicated Customer Care Service

Make sure your private label business has a solid customer care service to take care of any concerns about your products from your customers. It is clear that a satisfied customer will keep coming back and will bring along one or two new customers into your business. Maintaining your old customers and getting new ones will gradually contribute into your moving into the league of top Amazon private label sellers list.

  1. Outreach

Identify business establishments on Amazon that sell products that are complementary to your products and become a contributor in their website to promote their products. This websites will in turn provide referral links to your business website or to your products on amazon. This is an important way of hunting for new customers for your products on Amazon.

To shine in your private label business, apart from observing the above discussed points, you also have to identify a trustworthy private label manufacturer to supply you with original and quality products.

Author bio Sarah Kaiser is a digital marketing manager at casino global sourcing, the sourcing division of a French retailer Groupe Casino. To learn more about private label business with her, she can be reached at info@godirek.com or follow @Godirek on twitter.