3 Fundamentals of ethically marketing to kids

Article written by Education News articles

Ethical marketing is important and is especially important when you are marketing to younger audiences. Although many institutions believe that marketing to kids causes them to choose products that they otherwise would not have chosen, as their selection is not based on the merits of the product. However, kids are a large and important demographic and therefore are an essential marketing target market. Therefore the best solution is to market to kids in an ethical manner. Here are 3 fundamental tips.

Communicate with parents – Ensure that your advertising highlights the safety features of a product so that parents can choose your product over a competitor’s. For example, if you are selling baby feeding containers, it is important to state that the product is leak-proof, makes for easy feeding and cleaning.

Encourage kids to advocate the brand – Have promotions where kids can get involved. Kids will love to be part of art, essay and picture competitions.

Produce original content – It is important that your content is easily downloadable and incorporates subjects like science, technology, engineering, and math. These could take the form of games and or eBooks.

As a company, it is important that there are strong platforms for children so that they are able to understand the product and process media messages correctly. It is advisable to create a marketing policy and procedures manual that will provide detailed guidelines for your marketing and sales teams.