Is Remote Work an Option for You?

Lucy Lyle of Perch, entrepreneur extraordinaire, has said this about remote work: “Your success at remote work is largely dependent on your mindset and habits while working from home.”

This statement is reflected in the number of employees who have chosen to continue to work from home even as the lockdowns were lifted and life returned to normal. Many benefits have drawn people into wanting to work remotely.  Lucy Lyle  says that having the correct mindset is imperative to your success as a remote worker.

The biggest drawcard is the flexibility that comes from working at home. Being able to keep your hours and include time for hobbies and family commitments has changed the working landscape for employees.

Business owners have found that employing more remote online staff has increased production and improved the team’s overall morale. It is saving for both employers and their staff. Financially, the company can downscale its property requirements, reducing its rentals, utility bills, and office equipment costs. Staff saves on commuting expenses, office clothing and snacks, and expensive lunches.

When you work remotely, it can be isolating, and therefore it is important to set up regular team events to socialize with colleagues or Zoom and Skype meetings to discuss projects and interact with co-workers. If you are a self-disciplined and self-motivated person, remote work will suit you as you need to take initiative and make decisions.

 Lucy Lyle shows that a work-life balance can be achieved by working from home, and it is a big advantage that many people enjoy. This is a less stressful way of working and offers the opportunity to have extra time to manage a home life as well as produce high-quality work to deadlines.