Tips for choosing the best expert witness

It is essential to select the right expert witness to handle your case as it means that you will be able to receive the proper professional knowledge that will often ensure a fair outcome. Here are some tips on how to best choose an expert witness.

Check qualifications – The expert’s skills, education, and experience should prepare him or her to offer opinions on the particular subjects in issue.

Consider the effect on the jury – The jury should find your expert’s appearance, demeanor, and manner persuasive.

Assess capability – An experienced expert will be able to stand direct, rigorous cross-examination plus the pressures of a courtroom. Always choose an expert that is part of a law firm so that they can conduct simulated cross-examinations before the hearing.

Ensure independence – It is essential that the expert views the case critically so that they can prepare you for any weaknesses in the case.

Confirm availability – You want an expert that is reachable at most times so that you can clarify any concerns you may have about the case. They should also be able to devote sufficient time to your situation and proceedings.

Consider compatibility – You should choose an expert that is easy to work with as you want someone who can work effectively with others and under trial pressure.

Confirm acceptance of position – It is always best to choose an expert who is genuinely comfortable with the case and with the situation.

Written by Lyle Charles. A construction consulting services firm that hires experienced professionals and a structural steel expert to cater to your construction project needs.