Projectors or LED Displays: The Pros and Cons

Summary: Command centers require a video wall to display pertinent information. Choosing the right setup is crucial to the entire operation.

Within any command center lies a video display wall that’s built on a set of screens that display important information to the staff to see. A majority of what’s displayed is real-time information such as weather, statistics, and even news channels – ultimately it depends on the type of organization the command center is under. One of the biggest debates in today’s command centers is whether the wall should be comprised of LED displays or through projection.


Projecting information comes at a low cost. However, going the route of projection, there are a myriad of difficulties you may encounter. For one, if you don’t have a legitimate projector, it’ll likely start to cause you problems in the long run. Additionally, the visibility of the projector itself varies based on the quality, so you’ll likely be spending more – although not as much as you would on a variety of LED displays.


Going the route of an LED video wall is what most organizations and companies are opting for due to its reliability, high visibility, and modernity. However, the cons to choosing LED displays over a projector is the cost. With many video walls operating with multiple displays, you’ll have to purchase additional monitors in order to fill up your video wall. This can come at a great cost, especially if your organization is focused on high quality.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, the decision is solely up to the way your organization and command center operates. Whether you decide to have it built by a third-party integrator like Constant Technologies, Inc. or go with a contractor, it’s important that you prioritize the video wall nonetheless.