How to Release a New Product Without Neglecting the Press

Summary: Releasing a new product or service requires you to go above and beyond if you want to gain loyal customers and clientele.

coming-soonLaunching a new product is not what it used to be years ago. Back in the day, so to speak, one could hire a PR agency to draft a press release and essentially set up a tour. Before the launch, representative from the company could meet with reporters from the press outlets. Then, once the product releases, the company can sit back watch all the articles roll out.

For better or for worse, those days are long gone.

In today’s world, the new media landscape incorporates fewer major outlets and much small publications and bloggers are the only ways to get your product noticed by the public.

New tactics are now required to get the attention that you deserve. Here are some tips on how you can go about doing so.

First off, you’ll want to start early. Do not expect bloggers to write about what you want whenever it’s most convenient for you. Say you’re selling kitchen items and you want to get the word out that you have something technologically advanced and exciting. Start your outreach activities a couple months before the release date and keep the news going up to, and even beyond, the launch date.

You’ll also want to ensure the product is available to important influencers. These can consist of friendly customers, bloggers, and even prospects that have an online presence. Encourage these groups to use your product and then write review articles and even blog posts. Major businesses utilize these tactics whenever they release one of their services or products. Remember, these groups of people are also great resources to talk to in regards to your pre-launch.