How to protect a business’s online reputation

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A business’s online reputation has a large impact on a business’s sales, market share, future partnerships, and recruitment efforts. Protecting and building a business’s online reputation has now become an important aspect of business success.

There are two main aspects of reputation management and they involve brand reputation protection and online reputation repair. The first concentrates on ensuring a brand is seen in the first few pages of a search engine result. While the latter involves fixing a damaged reputation after negative content has infiltered the company’s search engine results.

It is always a better strategy to protect an asset before negative publicity or reviews arise. This will involve making sure that what is said online is mostly positive. Receiving notifications when the business is mentioned in a negative light can alert the business to investigate ways to address the issue quickly. Usually, a business will see negative reviews on their company’s social media pages or via private customer review websites such as, Yelp, and TripAdvisor. Most platforms offer notifications that can help a business contact a customer as soon as a negative review has been posted.

In most instances, negative comments can be removed by addressing a problem and compensating the customer. Additionally, building a strong customer service team that is professional and attentive can help to foster a healthy customer relationship. Protecting a business’s online reputation can save a company money as damaging content is easier to remove with a strong brand presence.

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