How to improve and protect a brand’s online reputation

The internet is where modern customers go to gain information about a company and its brand, before deciding on a purchase. As consumers trust online reviews as being unbiased, a company’s online presence has become one of its key strengths and an asset that needs to be protected.

The following approaches can help businesses manage, grow and maintain a healthy brand reputation: 

Know what is said about the brand – Computer applications can help track what is being said about a brand online, which can support a business to adjust its strategies to match customer expectations.

Get social – Social media is a platform that can be beneficial for businesses as it helps to communicate and engage with customers. Additionally, it can be used to create a brand personality that can help with brand engagement.

Respond to reviews and comments – Customer reviews have become a popular method of communication with a company and its brand. It has also become one of the most popular methods used by new customers who are considering a brand for the first time. Responding to positive reviews can be easy, however, negative reviews will require responses that are polite, professional, and timely. A correctly handled negative review can help a customer regain their trust and in some cases delete or amend their initial review.

Be ethical – Company’s that focus on being ethical by treating every stakeholder with respect can go a long way to reducing bad publicity. 

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