How to complain and get results

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Dissatisfied customers will complain to highlight their displeasure and request for a refund or a do-over on a service. But not all customers will be compensated as some will not know how best to approach a company or how to state their case.

The following tried and tested strategies, will help a customer complain and get results:  

Document your complaint – Since most information is digital, saving online correspondence has been made easy. It is also important to save online chats and phone conversations, by taking screenshots, or by recording conversations. Keeping physical documents like bills, contracts, warranties, and work orders can similarly go a long way to strengthen a customer complaint.

Make it recent – Making a complaint as soon as an item or a service is purchased can carry greater weight. Additionally, customers will be able to recollect more details on a recent purchase than one made weeks or months in the past. Private review websites like, Yelp and, TripAdvisor, have become popular platforms to post customer complaints as they can be posted at any time.

Go up a level – If a complaint is not being addressed it may be time to speak to a person higher up the ladder. Reach senior management by visiting a company’s website or call the head office directly.

Less emotion and more facts – Keep the communication brief but include all the necessary details and if possible, pictures. State what you want but make sure your request is reasonable. Inflated demands will only make a customer look like they are exploiting the company.

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