How to choose the best tenant screening company?

instantbackgroundchecks1Landlords will always want to find the best tenant that suits their needs. Landlords now realize that to select the right tenant they will have to do more than just reviewing their rental application. If you are considering conducting criminal background checks for potencial tenants, here is how you can choose the best tenant screening company.

A wide range of products – You want a company that offers you the tenant screening reports that will best assess your tenants. For example, if you have a tenant screening company that does not supply credit reports or any other report it is best to select another company. Start by listing out on email what reports you are looking at generating before paying an initial charge for the service.

An easy to use platform – Online ordering processes are best as you can access services and generate reports any time of day. Ask for more information about the ordering platform and look to see if is user-friendly.

Provide accessible customer service – Online customer service is important as it will help you understand and rectify problems when needed. Tenant Screening Services, LLC states that most companies now use computer generated answers to help with customer queries. It is best to look at a company that lets you speak to a customer service agent. Speaking to a live customer service agent will help you solve your problem fast and provide you with an accurate report.