Choosing the Proper Braces for Your Child

Written by Article By Remarkable Smiles Orthodontics.  

Braces can be an excellent way to correct a variety of dental concerns. Parents frequently bring their children in for this procedure when they are under ten years old. When your child’s permanent teeth have all grown in, you can get braces for them. Our teeth do migrate as we grow and age, though. Parents should wait until their children are at least eight years old, according to some orthodontists, while others want children to be about ten.

By the age of seven, you should take your child to an orthodontist to have his or her bite and oral habits evaluated. They may be able to offer guidance and monitoring in order to prevent certain dental and gum disorders.

Though some children are understandably afraid about going to the dentist or orthodontist, this is something that should be discussed positively. Dental health is something that we must all maintain throughout our lives. Those who receive proper dental care at an early age will have fewer difficulties and will preserve their natural teeth longer.

The ideal type of braces for your child will be recommended by your orthodontist. The child might not have any major problems. In this instance, invisible aligners might be a good option. Metal braces may be the best option if teeth have grown in too close together or are crooked. Ceramic braces are also popular. This is similar to metal braces, only the material is a beautiful ceramic color that is barely visible.

Article written by Remarkable Smiles Orthodontics.  Dr. Mark Rashidi and his staff at Remarkable Smiles enjoy helping people get the perfect smile. As an Orthodontist in Mission Viejo, Dr. Rashidi also offers services in Lake Forest, Laguna Hills, Laguna Niguel and Irvine. Dr. Mark is experienced working with traditional metal braces, ceramic braces and Invisalign.