7 Free marketing Ideas that are great for small businesses

bizsitebiz july 2016Marketing a small business is not easy, mainly because small businesses usually have small budgets. Therefore, marketing ideas that are as good as free are the best choice for small businesses and upcoming businesses. Here are 7 free marketing Ideas that a great for small businesses.

Alway keep you business card handy as you may never know who you may bump into.

Be part of free events – This is a great opportunity to meet local clients and look for groups that would be interested in your product or service.

Volunteer – By offering to give your knowledge for free, you may be surprised to find like minded clients as well as receive free publicity for the event.

Know your business and talk about it – You are the best person to speak about your business and therefore make it a point to engage people at group gatherings.

Utilize your print – Give your customers something to remember your product or service by and let them promote your items. Do this by handing out menus, coasters, stickers, pens, etc.

Transform your waiting area – Let your waiting area speak to your customers, by giving them a look at your product ranges and what you can do for them. You should also have your facebook page open to encourage social engagement and to show off your product range.

Brand yourself – Wear company branded T-shirts, that are smart and professional.