5 Time management tips for small business owners

Article written by Education industry news

Small business owners often multi-task and therefore are often short on time. Here are some tips to help small businesses owners get more from a day.

Start with time logging – Time log one day, using a spreadsheet. Time logging will give you a good idea of how you spend your time on work and personal activities. It is important that you avoid changing your behavior and document a day that depicts a typical work dMan working on laptop computer from homeay.

Identify your big time wasters – Some basic analysis of your day will highlight areas that waste your time. Do some basic calculations and create percentages for each activity and identify areas that are not productive.

Use the Pomodoro technique – This is a method that involves setting a 25-minute timer for a specific task that needs your attention. Follow this up with a 5-minute break and then move onto the same or another task for a further 25 minutes. After which start adding goals for each 25-minute time slot and complete your entire day.

Apply the 80/20 rule – On average 20% of your efforts will provide you with 80% of your Therefore, you should look at adding more time each week to that 20% category.

Delegate but don’t abdicate – You should rely on your team to help you get work done. But whatever work you offer your employees, they should be trained to do.